API Token on Sumasa

In this blog post, we are going to explain how to create an API token. You can follow the steps below.

How To Create API Token

  1. To create a new API token you have to be a user as an admin. Only admin can have that privilege.
  2. You need to follow these steps to start this process: settings => general => API token
API Token Step 1

3. When you click “New API Token” button, you can give a name for API token. Also you need give permission about sales, support, tasks or settings.

API Token Step 2
API Token Step 3
API Token Step 4

4. When you are done, you need to click save button. After that you can see your API token. The important thing is you have to make sure that you copy the API token that you created. Otherwise you won’t be able to see it again.

API Token Step 5

5. When you come back again the second step (settings => general => API token), you can see a list that shows you, API token name, the last time the token used and the token’s created date.

API Token Step 6

In this blog post we tried to explain how to use API token feature on Sumasa. Thank you for reading.

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