Filter Feature on Lists

Our development team developed a custom filter feature for company lists, contact lists, ticket lists, task lists and calls lists. You can filter data lists and save custom filters so you don’t need to set them up every time.

Sumasa’s developer team added filters for Company Lists, Contact Lists, Ticket Lists, Task Lists, and Calls Lists. There are predefined filters but you can also create your custom filters and save these filters to use in the future.

Sumasa Filter Feature

What can you do with the filter feature?

  1. There are two predefined filters, ALL and Belongs to you. You can switch between predefined and custom filters.
  2. You can create a new custom filter and save it for reusing in the future.
  3. You can update or delete an existing custom filter that you created in the past.
  4. You can show favorites contacts/companies on your current filter.
  5. When you edit existing custom filters you can save as new or update.
  6. In the call list, you can filter incoming and outgoing calls according to users and your call date.
  7. In the list of tasks, you can filter by task status, and task type, by task queue.

In this blog post we tried to explain how to use filter feature on Sumasa. Thank you for reading.

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