Sumasa Task Module with 6 Practical Features

In this blog post, we look over Sumasa’s task module. Every team in a company have daily work to do. So, the task module can help to manage these daily work such as; scheduled calls or online meetings, sending emails, tracking your customers or leads, etc. With an effective task module, you can easily track your one-off or recurring duties.

Sumasa’s Task Module has six features that you can set-up: task status, task subject, task due date, assign to, type, and task queue. You can put your tasks in order according to the titles. Also, the task module shows you what you need to do with priority in your daily work plan.

In Sumasa’s task module you can create a task for yourself or assign them to your colleagues. Also, you can create a task on the contact or company detail page. We have 2 options to see task view; grid view and list view. In addition to this module, we have a feature to create a filter that you can use to track your work by creating a custom filter. If you want to know more about the filter feature, you can read our Filter Feature on List blog article.

task module

Sumasa Task Module

What can you do with the task module?

  1. There are four features you can put in order; task due date, assign to, task type, and task queue.
  2. You can view tasks with grid and list view.
  3. You can add a description to your task.
  4. You can get a report on the user’s tasks which can be either in done or waiting status.
  5. You can list your tasks ALL and Belongs to you. You can switch between predefined and custom filters.
  6. You can create a new custom filter and save it for reusing purposes.
  7. You can update or delete an existing custom filter that you created in the past.

In this blog post we tried to explain how to use task module feature on Sumasa. Thank you for reading.

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