Notification and Reminders

In this blog post, we will explain how you can set up notifications and reminders. You can arrange notification for 4 sections: company, contact, ticket and task. There are 3 topics that you can arrange as you need.

Filter: You can select which filter you want to get notification. If you create a new filter you can see that.

Trigger: You can select when you want receive notification. For example, If someone add a note for a contact that you are the owner, you can receive a notification.

Action: You can select how you want to receive a notification. There are 2 options: send an email and send a notification. For the “send a notification” part you need to allow desktop notification top of the right corner.

Notification for Company
Notification for Contact
Notification for Ticket
Notification for Task

In this blog post we tried to explain how to use notification and remainders feature on Sumasa. Thank you for reading.

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