Buyer Persona
Companies in every sector are asking the same question: “What do my customers want?” When one of your teammates encounters a problem, they can review the buyer persona cards you've created, or refer to your project's persona when they need help making a decision based on client interests. User personas will assist you in setting your customer preferences and goals.


Community Groups
Community Groups is an online place that people share information about their interests for the purpose of the community group's aim.
CRM is a customer-oriented business strategy where customer data is collected and used (for the benefit of both business and customers) using information technology. CRM is Customer Relationship Management. CRM system helps you build and manage strong relationships with your leads, opportunity, and existing customers. CRM software supports such efforts by increasing tracking, scaling, communicating, and developing such relationships.
CRM Modules
CRM modules are subsystems of CRM


Persona is a fictional character who shows common behaviors such as purchasing decisions, product use, customer contact points preference, lifestyle, and tastes in product/service use, etc. These kinds of specific behavior help to make your marketing process.


SaaS (Software as a Service) is a software service that enables end users to access and use applications on remote servers. Generally, CRM (customer relationship management), email applications, calendar management applications and project management programs (e.g. GitHub) can be mentioned as examples of these applications.
SaaS Community
SaaS Community is online platforms on social media
SaaS Forums
SaaS Forums are online platforms that you can ask questions and find answers.
Sender Policy Framework
Sender Policy Framework is a simple DNS record that includes a text that includes the list of authorized email servers for the domain name.
Sumasa Export Feature
Sumasa Export Feature  is a privilege to export your data
Sumasa Filters Feature
Sumasa Filters Feature are an easy way to sort  and list your data
Sumasa New Feature
Sumasa New Feature is new updates on Sumasa
Sumasa Permission Feature
Sumasa Permission Feature is a privilege that only the admin can give to the users.
Sumasa Product Update
Sumasa Product Update is new features on Sumasa
Sumasa Role Feature
Sumasa Role Feature is a system where you determine what actions the user will do.
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